"We expected a professional pitch from Kojima, an outline and a treatment of what he had in mind with a cursory budget; perhaps a couple assistants to run a slide show. Instead Kojima walked in the room without so much as a piece of paper. He went to the chalk board in the room and simply wrote the words SILENT HILL. Then he added an ‘S’ to make SILENT HILLS. Dramatically, he drew two vertical lines through the ‘S’, SILENT HILL$. He turned around and grinned. We greenlit the project that day for $200 million."

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too real

Is there anything more embarrassing than people who post Dunkin’ Donuts pics as if it were Starbucks?

poors dunkin donuts starbucks



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too real


Antoine Louis Barye


Antoine Louis Barye

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Holy shit, Childhood jams revisited via Pandora


I hope I can use that line one day

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Progressive powerhouse Between the Buried and Me will be releasing “Future Sequence: Live at the Fidelitorium" next month on Metal Blade Records. The September 30th release will be the band and label’s first ever blu ray release. The video will also be available on DVD and via digital retailers. “Future Sequence: Live at Fidelitorium" was recorded at Fidelitorium Recordings outside of Winston-Salem, North Carolina. In the video, fans will see Between the Buried and Me performing their more recent album “The Parallax II: Future Sequence" in its entirety. The 2012 album was rated by Guitar World Magazine as #18 on their list of top 50 albums of the year, and earned the band praise from Decibel Magazine, who claimed: “the band’s technical ability can now give the likes of Dream Theater and Opeth a run for their prog metal money.”

Drummer Blake Richardson comments on the approach to recording this DVD/blu ray: “We’ve always been fans of dvds where it’s just the band, you don’t have any other distractions”. Vocalist/keyboardist Tommy Rogers explains further: “We wanted to give the fans something that made them feel a little closer to us, and made them almost feel like they’re at practice with us”. “Future Sequence: Live at the Fidelitorium" will be in stores on September 30th, 2014. A trailer is on-line now, along with pre-order bundles, at metalblade.com/btbam.

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So nerdy. So good. 

doom power metal at 1/4 speed Pallbearer antique shop jams





holy shit. 

this is on a whole new level of patience

This is natural art.

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